How to Buy Cheap Designer Glasses Online

If you find somebody saying that his or her prescription glasses are scratchproof,Guest Posting please don’t believe him or her. Mostly in these cases, it is only a marketing gimmick implemented by the company or the retail store.


But, the plastic lenses do have a hard coating and they are more resistant to scratches when compared with the regular glasses. Still they can never assure a complete scratchproof quality.


However, one thing should be remembered that this coating would not protect the glasses from a scratch if the glasses fall on a hard surface, but they will surely minimize the small scratches that may occur in the daily use, so that your glasses remain clearer for longer. But it depends on how carefully they are used.


Usual price of such hard coating designer glasses by local reputed retailers ranges from $15 to $20, whereas, buy designer glasses frames online, you will get the same coating for free.


Most of the online glasses stores buy branded glasses directly from the companies. No doubt, some of them sell the fake models. But those who really buy from the companies can give them at low cost because they ignore the middlemen. Moreover, the online stores don’t have to pay for the expensive high street properties to sell the designer glasses.


One major problem may come when you buy designer glasses frames online, and that is the prescription. This is because of not understanding the prescription details. In this, some websites come to help by providing pages where the technical terms are explained which is necessary for the better understanding of the prescription. This proves to be really useful, as because of it one can understand the requirements of his or her prescription, namely sphere, add, axis, the frame measurements etc.

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